Rob and Vivian Gabel,Westwood Hills

Larry and his team are fantastic, amazing. We sold a house in 6 days in late Summer 2015 through Larry, with 4 offers, at our ideal price. Why I like Larry: * Larry has been selling the most homes for a long time in Westwood Hills, so he knows all the agents and carries some weight with realtors. The realtors respect Larry and don’t want to get on his bad side… working with Larry is working with the power player in the area. * With Larry you get a full pro team – not just Larry, but also Darren his marketing director, Andrea (who in her own right is a full fledged agent and great to work with), and Linda on transaction details. His team has been together for something like 8 years and everything runs like clockwork. * They’re great, they’re patient, they have integrity.